Brothers Serve as messengers of God ATCHISON — Could the airplane have been invented without Wilbur working with Orville?
‘Don’t say retirement’ LAWRENCE — If it weren’t for Msgr. Vince Krische, believes Sarah Meinershagen, her husband Kevin might not be Catholic today. She credits then-Father Krische’s encouragement and example for bringing Kevin into the Catholic Church.
Archbishop forms ethics advisory council KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Advances in medicine have produced unprecedented capabilities in providing medical care. But they’ve also produced unprecedented ethical dilemmas.
Doctors of the soul St. Francis chaplains hold out grace and hope

Welcome to the family

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — You may think you have big family reunions, but nothing will top next year’s World Meeting of Families.
The event, from Sept. 22 to 25, 2015, will draw an estimated 15,000 people to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. And an estimated three million are expected for the papal Mass.
That’s a whole lot of potato salad — if the gathering follows the traditional family reunion menu.

The making of a miracle

OVERLAND PARK — Other than the fact they have six kids, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the Patrick and Shannon Watkins family.
They live in an ordinary city, in an ordinary house, raising an ordinary family.
Ordinary — other than the fact that their youngest son, Talbot Joseph Watkins, is alive today because of a possible miracle.

Me, a deacon? Archdiocese now recruiting

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — For every man who ever wondered, here’s a chance to answer that question: Do I have what it takes to be a permanent deacon?
 The archdiocesan office of the permanent diaconate will offer a series of information nights this fall at six different locations across the archdiocese. Registration is not necessary — just show up.
All men and their wives, if they are married, are invited to attend. Don’t expect to fill out an application just yet, however.

Feeling Royal

Kansas city, Kan. — Father Shawn Tunink would like to issue a apology to anyone he woke up at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in Washington, D.C., in the early morning hours of Oct. 1. He just couldn’t contain himself after the Kansas City Royals won their first playoff game in 29 years — a thrilling 9-8 come-from-behind win against the Oakland Athletics that ended just after 1 a.m. on the East Coast.
“Winning the wild card game was an amazing roller coaster. I was texting friends back home and in despair when the Royals fell behind,” said Father Shawn. “I went from depression to me screaming all by myself in the monastery, hoping I wouldn’t wake anyone up.”