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Healing the heart, ‘reconnecting with the Lord’

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Beverly Collin has just one word for women who have suffered sexual trauma: hope. Collin — who suffered sexual abuse herself  — found hope and healing through the love of fellow parishioners, the ministry of the church and the grace of God.
“Although you never, ever forget [the abuse], the impact that it has becomes less and less, and the memories fade,” said Collin, assistant director of the Cedarbreak Retreat Center in the Diocese of Austin, Texas.

Prince of Peace family makes big-screen debut

LENEXA — Summer moviegoers who think a couple characters on the big screen look an awful lot like some folks they see at Mass on Sunday might just be right.
Prince of Peace, Olathe, parishioners Dan Stalp and his two sons — Dominic and Jackson — are making their silver screen debut as extras in the new faith-based movie, “A Long Way Off.”

Corpus Christi

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — In many places around the world, the celebration of the solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ is more than a religious celebration.
In countries with large Catholic populations, Corpus Christi is a civic celebration, a parade, a procession, a party and an exercise of piety — all rolled up into one.
In some countries, the feast day is a regional or national holiday, and the festivities can last a week.

Celebrating a century

WATHENA — The celebration of the 100th anniversary of St. Joseph Church here was every bit as special as the dedication liturgy on April 14, 1914 — but not as long.
“I noted in the history of the celebration of the dedication of this church by Bishop Ward, the bishop of Leavenworth at the time, that the services took three hours,” said Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann in his homily. “We’ll try to keep it under three hours.”
Why so long? Part of the reason was that the sermon was given in two languages, German and English.